Quartermaster Depot

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The Quartermaster Depot was part of a large military installation located in Jeffersonville along Tenth Street. Begun in the 1870s by Quartermaster General Montgomery Meigs, the site expanded from its original quadrangle structure over the course of the later nineteeth through the mid-twentieth centuries as a manufacturing and supply center for the United States Army. The facility, once known as “the world’s largest shirt factory,” closed in the late 1950s after the Korean War and the property was sold to a number of businesses that began operating there. The original quadrangle and central administrative building on the site fell into disrepair, with an entire corner burning in 1993, but the City of Jeffersonville led a restoration effort in 2005 and 2006. Jeffersonville City Hall now occupies the central building on the site and The Southern Indiana African American Heritage Trail starts at a small building adjacent to the City Hall which used to house the segregated restrooms for the depot’s workers.