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Howard Steamboat Museum

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The Howard Steamboat Museum in the family home located in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The museum features a collection of items from the Howard Ship Yards and includes chandeliers, carvings, arches, and a grand staircase that have remained in the home since the Howards lived there.

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Thomas Downs House

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The Thomas Downs house is owned and managed by the Clark’s Grant Historical Society. The house is located in Charlestown, just east of the town square. It was built in 1809 and named for its owner, who was Clark County’s first treasurer and an early territorial legislator. Tours of this site, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, are available by appointment. ...

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John Work House & Mill Site

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The John Work House and Mill Site outside Charlestown is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. John Work built the home in 1809 and the mill between 1816 and 1818. An innovative feature of the gristmill is a tunnel constructed at a bend in Fourteenmile Creek to create an improved mill race. The mill burned in 1827 and the land was sold to the local Boy Scout council, which maintains a Scout camp on the property to this day. The Work house is being leased and restored by Taylor Rose Historical Outfitters. The home is open during posted hours each week and is also the site...

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Vintage Fire Museum

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The Vintage Fire Museum and Safety Education Center, located at 723 Spring Street in Jeffersonville across Michigan Avenue from the Clark County Museum, features a nationally known collection of firefighting equipment originally started by enthusiast Fred Conway. The collection was purchased by Friends of the New Albany Fire Museum and opened in that city in 2010, but moved to Jeffersonville in 2012. The museum includes a Safety Education Center, a store, a room on regional firefighting history, and an area honoring firefighters who have given their lives in fighting fires in addition to the...

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Quartermaster Depot

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The Quartermaster Depot was part of a large military installation located in Jeffersonville along Tenth Street. Begun in the 1870s by Quartermaster General Montgomery Meigs, the site expanded from its original quadrangle structure over the course of the later nineteeth through the mid-twentieth centuries as a manufacturing and supply center for the United States Army. The facility, once known as “the world’s largest shirt factory,” closed in the late 1950s after the Korean War and the property was sold to a number of businesses that began operating there. The original quadrangle and...

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Schimpfs Confectionary

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The Schimpff’s Candy Museum is operated by the famous candy store at 347 Spring Street in downtown Jeffersonville. It is one of the few candy museums in the United States and displays thousands of pieces of candy memorabilia, equipment, and artifacts. The museum and candy store are open during regular business hours and visitors can watch candy being made on antique equipment. ...

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